DISCOVER AIR TRAVEL (Libro en papel)

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Even today, many passengers, including the most frequent flyers, associate air travel with a feeling of fear and concern. Basing itself on the premise that people are often afraid of the unknown, author Jorge Ontiveros, a professional of Aena and the author of several publications on this sector, explains all the elements involved in air travel in his new work. It explains airports, their staff, security processes, ground workers and airline employees - a combination of professionals and technology that has made this means of transport by far the safest of all.

Safety that is the main objective of all those who take part in this activity, and which Jorge Ontiveros, with descriptive and didactic language, tries to transmit, so that your next trip is much more pleasurable and pleasant.

Publication index:

I. Discover air travel
From the age of pioneers till today
Commercial aviation in Spain
If this is your first time
II. Flying, trick or magic?
Why does an aeroplane fly?
How does an aeroplane fly?
III. The aeroplane: design, manufacture and maintenance
Manufacturing reliable planes
From manufacture to line flying
We take care of your plane; we take care of you
IV. Air routes and air traffic control
Where do aeroplanes fly?
Air traffic control
V. At the airport
The airport
The best protection is invisible
Come on, hurry up!
A bird in the hand is worthà
VI. On the plane
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome on board!
Ladies and gentleman, this is your captain speaking
Entering the runway for take-off
In case of an emergency landing
VII. Meteorology
It¿s raining, it¿s pouring. The old man is snoringà
à He bumped his head and went to bedà
à And couldn¿t get up in the morning!
Thunder and lightning!
Fasten your seatbelt; we are encountering ana rea of turbulenceà
VIII. Travelling by plane or by car, which is safer?
Risk and safety; travelling by plane or by car?
Car safety
ldquo;I am scared of planes, I am scared of boats tooà´
IX. Flying healthily
Breathing at 10.000 metres
I can¿t feel my legs!
Jet lag, what is and how to alleviate it
I am expecting, can I fly?
When I fly I get earache
X. Clarifying doubts
I have a Young child; will travelling by plane be complicated?
Would it be complicated to fly with reduced mobility?
Everything you always wanted to know
And just before we finishàsome advice relating toà

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